Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Vote for Eric (Crafton)

While we're all busy voting the Republican ticket for political offices from Governor on down there is another election that will take place tomorrow that folks need to know about and weigh in on. The Davidson County Election Commission will interview seven people for the job of Administrator of Elections. This job is political. The person who gets the position serves at the will of the Election Commission and, frankly, that's worked well for Ray Barrett and not so well for Davidson County Republicans who technically have an advantage in the make up of the Commission as a legal result of winning a slim majority in the Tennessee State House. This is a call for those Republicans to act like Republicans and give this job to someone who will not only do the job well, but is actually a strong conservative with solid Republican credentials and support.

I've seen all the resumes submitted. Frankly, many of these folks should never have even applied. Three of them rise to the top as potential candidates. While I supported Buck Dozier for mayor  as the best of the lot in this (for now) Democrat controlled city with some very good ideas,  he's a Democrat and that's a deal breaker for me. Albert Tiche already has some connections to the Election Commission but, frankly, his credentials don't rise to the level of the last and most qualified candidate, Eric Crafton.

The Dems in town will howl in protest that Eric's 'gaming' the system previously for the English First legislation, and a whole host of other baseless charges, means he shouldn't get the job. I'm not listening. To paraphrase their own leader "We won" and the Republicans need to benefit from the spoils of our having won a majority. Eric's conservative Republican bone fides are unquestionable. Eric clearly has an excellent education. But by far what Eric has that the others don't is a clear understanding of the rules and the players. He'll know immediately what to look for and what improvements should be initiated. He's interacted with the system from every angle: voter, candidate, and adversary. Why Eric would want this job is beyond me, but obviously he does and I stand behind him and his application for this job.

See this City Paper link for more info on the process and applicants. See their recent poll of readers at left. Obviously, I'm not alone in my support for Eric Crafton.


Eric H said...

Yeah, yeah, but can he pass the real Davidson GOP litmus test...will he shake Zach Wamp's hand?

Kay Brooks said...

That's funny!