Sunday, January 31, 2010

Active Words for free

Great news! ActiveWords now has a free version. Just what we all needed in this economy-- a free tool to increase our productivity. Do yourself a favor on this snowbound weekend and download ActiveWords Free. You'll probably end up going ahead and buying the plus version but even the Free version will be so useful you'll not regret taking the time to discover how much more you can do with this great tool. I've been using ActiveWords since 2005. I've gotten so used to the convenience of a few keystrokes doing so much that I find myself a bit frustrated when using other computers. Why isn't this standard in operating systems? The customization is addicting and so helpful. The license allows installation on your desktop and laptop.  Wanna know how this mother of four manages to get so much done? Here's one part of the answer: ActiveWords.

I type "ronramsey" and double space to get the html code: A HREF="">Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey (R-Blountville)  and get a hyperlinked Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey (R-Blountville)  automatically.

Misspellings are automatically corrected--recieve automatically becomes receive.

When someone emails asking for the council rep's contact info I type "contactbennett" and  her contact info is printed out:

Council Lady Karen Bennett
Council District 8
Home (615) 228-8107
Office (615) 291-6708
106 Alhambra Circle
Nashville, TN 37207 

I can type in a few letters and open web pages, start programs, plug in stock paragraphs when answering email. l don't retype long URL's anymore I type "start" and send folks to and I'm not using half of its features and the ActiveWords community creates useful add-ins, makes them available and lets you know when via Twitter.

They've also got an Enterprise version for entire companies to utilize.

Check it out:

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