Thursday, July 16, 2009

Elect this Kennedy to the BOE

I first "met" Martin virtually because he had a blog following the TN legislature as an economist which I found very helpful in my own advocacy efforts. Despite that focus he would regularly post on education issues. Having five children will do that , I suppose. I usually liked what he had to write and we agreed on many, but not all, issues. Eventually, we both attended several meetings and I got to see the passion about education issues that doesn't always come through the pixels on a screen.

Martin has started a new blog where he tells us why he's running. All of you who lost the lottery for a magnet school or have children who can't get into a charter school or have been frustrated by your child's IEP certainly understand his statement:

"The parents of children attending Metro schools are not, for the most part, consumers. They represent a captive market. They are clients of the state. They are not empowered as consumers. Again, it is important to ask yourself – would you rather have someone buy something for you or the opportunity to make your own consumption decisions… when it comes to educating your children wouldn’t you prefer to be able to make a decision instead of being assigned to a school?"

Martin worked for Alan Coverstone in his BOE campaign. It's Alan's seat Martin wants to fill. I would hope Alan would reciprocate and let councilmen know how well qualified Martin is for this job.

I want to encourage Council members to consider what a good addition Martin will make to the team that is the BOE. If what they want is someone who understands the issues and has 'skin in the game' there isn't anyone better to vote for. Council members have an opportunity to impact the entire system for the better by voting Martin onto the School Board. I ask them to vote for Martin Kennedy.

Every Metro Council member will vote on this election. Here's their on-line email contact form: Please contact them. We need a man like Martin who will be engaged and actually work toward making improvements that will benefit the children, the parents, taxpayers and staff.


din819go said...

We need a true financial person not another pie in the sky academic. That is part of what is wrong with the system now. This guy may be good but I would love to see a controller, treasurer or CFO type on the board. The board needs this type of guidance as does the district.

Just my two cents worth...

Kay Brooks said...

Well, imo, Martin will at least be able to explain to the BOE WHY there isn't money to raise taxes to provide all the money they want/need.

In the meantime no CFO's are currently in the nominee pool. Martin is still the best of the lot if you want half a chance at making real changes and improvements.