Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So who is hateful?

This from the Metro Nashville Police Department this afternoon:

Detectives this afternoon charged David A. Lowe with repetitive telephone harassment for making six telephone calls to Metro Councilman Eric Crafton over the weekend.

Lowe, 60, of 3000 Hillsboro Road, was issued a state misdemeanor citation which requires him to report for booking on November 4.

Lowe was identified as a potential suspect Monday and, when phoned by detectives, admitted responsibility for the calls. He denied sending any recent email to Crafton.

Lowe’s calls to Crafton were prompted by the proposed English-only Metro charter amendment Crafton is advocating.

*Lowe does not have an arrest history with the Metropolitan Police Department.


His booking date of November 4th is the very day we could have voted on the English First bill without additional cost to the city and had this all done and over with. Councilman Eric Crafton, agree with him or not, hasn't done anything illegal and certainly has not deserved death threats. I'd hate to send a 60 year old man to jail but they better look long and hard at his mental condition before releasing him. Someone should check into Lowe's associations as well and investigate what might have encouraged Lowe to such base behavior. It may be that the emailer and Lowe know one another. Seems too coincidental that after all this time dealing with this volatile issue and months away from the actual vote they both picked last weekend to act out.

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