Saturday, February 02, 2008

Memphis (F)liar

This isn't about Rep. Stacey Campfield (R-Knoxville) , it's not about any legislation he has, is or will offer. This is about the lack of professionalism in reporting. The January 31 edition of the alt-weekly Memphis Flyer has what seems like a serious article about legislation introduced (it's obvious where they stand on the issue, btw). However, instead of providing a stock photo of the sponsoring legislator they altered a photo from a completely different situation to ridicule the him and make their editorial point.

Here's the original photo where Rep. Campfield was expressing his opinion regarding Gov. Phil Bredesen and on the right is the altered and editorializing version published by the Memphis Flyer. They changed the wording on Campfield's sign and removed Campfield's left index finger which was pointing to the governor.

And professional journalists complain about the lack of professionalism in the blogging community. Please. An apology and retraction is in order to be sure.

UPDATE: Read what Rep. Campfield has to say on the subject.

Hat Tip: Terry Frank

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Nashteach said...

It was a cheap trick to change the Bredesen sticker to say something else, but it looks like Campfield did it first. I'd say he owes an apology himself.