Thursday, February 09, 2006

Save A Record Company

Didn't win a Grammy last night? Need to figure out how to stay in business until you do? Well, the American Institute of Public Accountants may be able to help. They've got an online resource called The Turnaround Game. The idea is to keep the virtual record company Big Noizz in the black. Keep playing until you get it right and it may turn into a successful music career or maybe, as this CPA group hopes, a career in accounting. Maybe accountants aren't total number nerds after all.

They've got three other games if music isn't your 'biz'.


Anonymous said...

As a CPA, I take offense at your comments. Now since I'm an offended victim can I get on the Hollywood A-list?

Kay Brooks said...

And why would you want to be on the Hollywood A-list?

Would it help you to get on the list if I burn my old accounting text? Do I need to provide video of that or will a doctored photocopy of a picture of me burning leaves suffice?

Anonymous said...

Q1--Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll

Q2--Ask Mary Mapes