Friday, September 09, 2005

Another 22nd District Candidate

Another candidate is filling the field for the 22nd District seat recently vacated by Chris Newton. From The Chattanoogan comes this interview with Fred Wilcoxon.

I see a lot of support for the system but no mention of choices, parents or accountability for the system. Perhaps that will be forthcoming.

For our purposes I'll just quote the paragraph about education:

"Education is a vital part of our society and every young person should be provided with the opportunity to achieve the American Dream. I fully support the BEP program and will fight any and all efforts to shift, transfer, or cut current funds from our schools here in Bradley, Meigs, and Polk Counties so that the big cities in Tennessee can reap the harvest on our backs. I support technology improvements in our schools and will work hard to gain additional dollars for our local schools. Also, we need to do right by our retired teachers. The retired teachers pension benefits need to be brought up to livable standards. Our working teachers need the pay and benefits they really deserve. In regards to higher education, the tuition increases over the last four years has made it very evident that young people of working families are not going to be able to afford to go to college. The lottery-funded HOPE Scholarship program and Technology Center Grants have helped alleviate some of the financial burden from the shoulders of our young people, but I will work to stabilize and attempt to decrease tuition costs during my term in office.

I don't have any contact information at this time.

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