Wednesday, July 06, 2005

This is not a job for the schools or our children.

Maybe I'm missing something here but it seems to me our children have enough to worry about just getting a basic education in math and reading without putting on their shoulders the health of the planet.

Public Works Director Billy Lynch told the Council’s Budget and Finance Committee in June that Public Works intends to beef up its recycling program.


Lynch wants to specifically focus on education programs in schools, according to [Public Works Spokeswoman Gwen] Hopkins-Glascock.

“Mr. Lynch believes we need to be more actively involved in our schools, working to educate students about how to recycle and ways they can directly impact their neighborhoods,” Hopkins-Glascock said. “Initially, Mr. Lynch plans to evaluate the role of our recycling coordinators to determine what has been done with school education programs, how effective those efforts have been, and how they can be improved.” From the Nashville City Paper.

Mr. Lynch, may I suggest that you focus on the adults. OK, yes around here the children pull those behemoth trash and recycling containers to what is completely misnamed the 'curb' of our street. BUT it isn't their responsibility to make sure the trash is recycled and to use them as pawns in this effort seems wrong. And what is a child to do when they are caught between two authority figures--one saying we must recycle and the other saying don't bother?

Maybe we need to examine why the adults aren't acting like...well...adults and taking on this responsibility. Why aren't they participating? Is it still not convenient enough? Maybe we need to be charging extra for 'trash' and giving a credit for 'recycling'? Maybe citizens still aren't convinced of the need. It's the adults that need the education and encouragement in this effort. This is not a job for children.

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